You can help: Sign E-Petition 1201

If you are a citizen or resident of Canada, you can help the situation in Yemen by signing E-Petition 1201. E-Petitions are a powerful way that Canadians can shape their government. Once a petition has been approved, it is made public for 120 days. If it reaches 500 signatures, it will be read in the House of Commons, and the Government of Canada must respond to it. That’s right, the Government of Canada must to respond to the appeal to help stop this terrible crisis.

E-Petition 1201 asks the Government of Canada to urge both sides in the conflict to seek a long-term, peaceful, and democratic resolution.

This petition closes on December 12, 2017. Please consider making our world a safer and fairer place by signing E-Petition 1201, and sharing this message as broadly as you can.

You can learn more about E-Petitions here.