Messages From Yemen

In times of war, it’s hard for ordinary people to have their voices heard. Here we present messages from ordinary Yemenis.

October 5, 2017

Peace is the magic word that I’m dreaming of all the time

We appreciate any one who can help us to bring peace in Yemen. Peace is the magic word that I’m dreaming of all the time. And it’s the biggest hope for millions of Yemeni people, because during these three years of war I have only seen misery, sadness, and groups full of hatred and intolerance. So nothing is glorious about war.

Regardless of how much I’m going to write I wouldn’t be able to give a real picture, so I’m not going to talk about figures of civilians being killed or injured, the lack of food, or spread of diseases: those things can be found in the media. So I will talk about one effect of the war: many government employees lost their job and it has been almost a year since they have received no salaries. My father is one of them this made life difficult. Like many girls, girls I am not able to visit my friends or even to go to the university because we can’t afford the transportation. When there’s no electricity, life is tiring and boring.

So we would like peace come to Yemen again, and we would put an end to this war soon, so that we can live a normal life. I want to fulfil my dreams. I want to visit the world. If the peace is regained, our airport will be opened and many companies will come to work here and that will bring opportunities for us to work. We want to see the tourists as we used to see them in the past.

Maha in Sana’a, age 22.

September 13, 2017

Yemenis are in dire need of Canadians’ help and support

Hello everybody and salam alaikum. I’m a Yemeni citizen, one of several millions who are suffering from the war in Yemen. I’d like to say to all Canadian people that Yemenis are in dire need of your help and support. Our country is being turned into ruins. Let’s hope that God will help us get peace, that’s all we want here: just peace. The world has ignored our sufferings long enough, it’s time for something to be done regarding restoring peace.

Ali in Sana’a, age 45.


August 12, 2017

Achieving Peace will be an Unforgettable Act
We Yemenis are peaceful people and love all other peaceful peoples. We are suffering a lot from this war. Why is the world ignoring our suffering? I think it’s the time that you listen to us, the free world and all people who are are concern about peace and human rights.
All countries which have relations and embassies in Yemen must remember their relations with the Yemeni people, not with careless and not irresponsible governments!
We the Yemeni citizens, not governments need the world to remember our hardship and stand for us. Achieving peace will be a unforgettable act for us, and a bright history for all believers in peace and human rights.


Ali in Sana’a, aged 45














– Ali in Sana’a