A war in Yemen the world is forgetting

The people of Yemen are suffering from the horrors of a civil war: a bombing campaign by a Saudi-lead coalition, an outbreak of cholera, rampant food insecurity, and a blockade of medicine, fuel, and humanitarian aid from entering the country.

Without elected officials of their own to appeal to, Yemenis have asked citizens of Canada and the to help bring about a peaceful resolution to the conflict.

Reuters/Khaled Abdullah


You can help: Sign E-Petition 1201

If you are a citizen or resident of Canada, you can help the situation in Yemen by signing E-Petition 1201. E-Petitions are a powerful way that Canadians can shape their government. Once a petition has been approved, it is made public for 120 days. If it reaches 500 signatures, it will be read in the House of Commons, and the Government of Canada must respond to it. That’s right, the Government of Canada must to respond to the appeal to help stop this terrible crisis.

E-Petition 1201 asks the Government of Canada to urge both sides in the conflict to seek a long-term, peaceful, and democratic resolution.

This petition closes on December 12, 2017. Please consider making our world a safer and fairer place by signing E-Petition 1201, and sharing this message as broadly as you can.

You can learn more about E-Petitions here.


Warning: some of these images are graphic.

For more images, check out the work of Reuters photographer Khaled Abdallah in Sana’a.


Who can sign the petition?

Any citizen or resident of Canada. A resident may be an international student, or a permanent resident.

I’m a Canadian but I don’t live in Canada, can I sign the petition?

Yes you can. Any resident or citizen of Canada can sign. It doesn’t matter if you live in New York State, Hong Kong or Guatemala.

My spouse or partner signed I don’t need to sign, right?

The more the merrier. The petition is not one per household. If your spouse or partner signed and you support the petition, please sign it as well. Lend your voice to the cause.

My kids want to sign it, but can they?

Yes, they can. There is no minimum age to sign the petition… there’s also no maximum. If you have children who want to sign, they can.

What’s the deadline to sign the petition?

You have until December 12, 2017 at 3:08 pm (EDT) to sign the petition. Yep, that’s right, a very specific time, at 3:09 pm the petition will be closed. If you want to know more about how e-petitions work, click here.

I signed the petition, how do I know if it ends up going before the House of Commons?

First of all, thanks for your support. We will post updates on this website, so feel free to check back often. Also, you’ll receive an email from the government letting you know if it is presented. Don’t worry, with 500 signatures it will be presented.

Can I share this website with others?

Yes, please do. The more people who know about the problems the Yemeni people are facing, the more governments will listen. Share the website and share the petition. The simple act of sharing will help the people of Yemen.

Do you have other questions?

You have other questions that we don’t cover on this page? If so, please contact us here.